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Mary Shelley Bronze Bust Project

The Mary Shelley bronze bust was installed at the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle, WA in October, 2018 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the publication of "Frankenstein"!


This was the fourth in my bronze bust series of horror authors, the first three being H.P. Lovecraft at the Providence Athenaeum Library in Rhode Island, Edgar Allan Poe at the Boston Public Library in Massachusetts and Bram Stoker for the Dublin Writers Museum in Ireland and MoPOP in Seattle, WA.


Mary Shelley was the godmother of horror fiction with her seminal novel "Frankenstein". The Museum of Pop Culture, Microsoft founder and philanthropist Paul Allen along with curator of special collections Jacob McMurray, were gracious enough to accept the donation of the Mary Shelley bust to celebrate their continued support of the best and the brightest of the science fiction, horror and fantasy fields and Mary Shelley was no exception to be added to that illustrious roster. An early proponent in writing, free thought and science gone awry, Mary Shelley can truly be called the Godmother of horror fiction,capturing lightning in a bottle with her legendary and seminal work "Frankenstein".


Edgar Allan Poe Bust by Bryan MooreMary Shelley was a joy to sculpt and as there were no existing photographs of her since she passed away before the advent of photography, the only reference that I could rely on were two portraits; the iconic 1840 painting by Richard Rothwell and the 1843 marble bust by Camillo Pistrucci. My sculpted portrait can only be a rendering or two other artist's impressions of what she looked like and I hope that I did justice not only to Rothwell and Pistrucci, but to the subject herself.


The Mary Shelley bust was also the first time that I was able to enjoy being the recipient of a substantial grant from The Aeroflex Foundation as well as the kindness from many fellow Mary Shelley fans across the globe. The unveiling was a complete success as I presented the bust to MoPOP with curator Jacob McMurray, author S.T. Joshi and author Les Klinger. All three gentlemen graciously spoke at the unveiling as well.


I couldn't be happier to add the first lady of horror to my author bronze bust series.


- Bry