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H.P. Lovecraft bronze Bust Project

H.P. Lovecraft

H.P. Lovecraft bronze Bust Project

Edgar Allan Poe

Bram Stoker bronze Bust Project

Bram Stoker

Judge Criss Bronze Bust Project

Judge Criss

Mary Shelley Bronze Bust Project

Mary Shelley

RaymondChandler Bronze Bust Project

Raymond Chandler Bronze Bust Project



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Modern Museum Of Pop


As a working artist, it's always a professional milestone to have your work exhibited in a permanent collection or as part of a group show. 


2018 saw two bronze pieces added to the permanent collections of Seattle''s Museum of Pop Culture and Ireland's Dublin Writers museum; Mary Shelley and the second of two busts of Bram Stoker respectively. Their unveilings were well attended.


2017 held my first collaboration with the Museum of Pop Culture as Dacre Stoker and I unveiled the first of two Bram Stoker busts to a capacity crowd as part of the "Sacred to Death; the Art of Horror Film".


Having been a privileged guest at Bleak House in 2013, it was my absolute honor that Mr. del Toro graciously included several of my pieces in this exhibit, ranging from the life size bronze busts of Edgar Allan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft to some smaller Lovecraft sculptures. Indeed, Mr. del Toro was my first patron over a decade ago and included that signed Lovecraft sculpture as part of the exhibit much to my pleasant surprise as I hadn't seen it in years.